“I will slit your throat like you do to our people” prisoner tells Asian cop

An Asian police officer was racially abused by an abusive prisoner and told he would have his throat “slit” Derby Crown Court was told.

Police arrested David Fish at his flat in Derby after an altercation with two females. During the fight he hurled a racist name at one of the women, who was Asian the court was told. When police arrived on the scene Fish could not be calmed down and CS spray had to be used to effect an arrest. He was held in custody overnight.

The next morning, while the Asian officer was checking on prisoners, Fish said he would “slit his throat just like you do to our people” and began hurling racial abuse.

Crown Prosecutor, Almas Ben-Aribia, told the court that the police officer was “so alarmed by the distressing language that he felt unable to continue his shift that morning.”

Fish received a 12-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to two counts of using racially aggravated abusive behaviour and resisting arrest.

“Your behaviour was pretty disgusting, particularly to the officer who was going about his daily job in the custody suite.” said Judge Peter Cooke.

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