MP calls for greater awareness on child brain tumours

Priti Patel (Conservatives,Witham) has called on all schools and GP Practices to do more to inform parents about the signs and symptoms of brain tumours. On the 15 April 2017, Priti met with James Copping (age 5) and his parents Mr and Mrs Copping at their home in Kelvedon. James was diagnosed in 2014, aged just 3, with a brain tumour after several visits to his GP. He has received surgery, but tragically, the tumour has returned.
Priti commented, “James’ story is deeply saddening and reminds us all just how evil cancer truly is.
“I can only begin to imagine how devastating these circumstances are for the Copping’s but commend them for their bravery in fighting-back against such a horrific disease by campaigning to raise awareness amongst parents about the signs and symptoms in children.
“10 children and teenagers are diagnosed with a brain tumour each week in Britain. Early diagnosis is absolutely key to ensuring our young people get the right medical support in order to go on to live happy, healthy lives. I am calling on all schools, hospitals, chemists and GP practices to empower and inform parents on the signs and symptoms of this dreadful disease.”
Mrs Copping said, “We are delighted to have Priti’s  support in raising awareness on childhood brain tumours and the Headsmart campaign.
“We want to do all we can to make parent’s, schools, and most importantly GP’s aware that brain tumours do happen in children. Being made aware of the symptoms can help not only stop children suffering, but also save lives.”

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