Passengers removed from overbooked Easyjet flight

A British Asian couple were removed from an overbooked Easyjet flight without being offered compensation.

The passengers were due to fly from Luton Airport to Sicily recently. They were asked to leave by airline staff upon boarding the plane as the flight had been overbooked.

The couple identified as Manoj, 38, and Viddha, 35, were told that the next available Easyjet flight was four days later. This was little consolation as they had booked non-refundable accommodation in Catania, Sicily.

However, Easyjet had failed to inform them that they were entitled to fly with another airline on the same day, or could claim compensation under EU regulations.

The Daily Mail reported Manoj saying, “The airline’s lack of empathy and help through this incident was shocking. Our holiday was completely and utterly ruined by EasyJet’s greed.”

Easyjet has since issued an apology to the couple, citing human error for the disruption caused. According to the Daily Mail, an Easyjet spokesperson said, “We want to reassure customers that we will be providing additional training to every contact centre agent now to make sure that future customers are not put through a similar experience. We are genuinely sorry for what has happened.”

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