Man jailed over Islamophobic emails

A man has been jailed after being convicted of religiously aggravated harassment over a series of Islamophobic emails.

Timothy Burton, 54, was found guilty of harassing Fiyaz Mughal OBE after a trial at Inner London Court in recently. Burton sent a series of emails to Mr Mughal, the founder of Tell Mama, a project which measures anti-Muslim incidents in the UK.

He was imprisoned for 12 weeks by Inner London Crown Court over the messages, which were sent between 3 April and 27 April last year. His sentence would have been eight weeks, but was increased by another four weeks after theCrown Prosecution Service (CPS) argued the offences were motivated partly or wholly by the victim’s religious affiliation and a sentence uplift was applied by the court.

CPS reviewing lawyer Adeolu Odusote said: “Timothy Burton harassed Fiyaz Mughal by sending a series of emails and the content of those emails showed clear hostility based on the fact Mr Mughal is a Muslim.

“He claimed his emails were satirical and part of his freedom of expression but under the law no-one should have to suffer harassment or hostility based on their religious affiliations. A restraining order to stop Burton contacting Mr Mughal, and employees of Tell Mama, was also imposed, to prevent further harassment.”

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