Londoner is first in world to achieve highest qualification in media

A British Asian man has become the first person in the world to be awarded an MBA in Media Leadership.

Londoner, Manish Patel (pictured), now holds the distinction of being the first person to hold the highest-ranking qualification in media. Award-winning Manish is one of the UK’s most sought after and accomplished digital media and communications professionals. In a career taking in content production for radio, newspaper and television to producing marketing campaigns for pharmaceutical brands, FTSE 100 businesses and government departments including the NHS and the Home Office, his talents have earned him recognition as the man to go to if stuck in a marketing communications ruck.

There are only two recognized MBA programs specializing in media in Europe, the MBA Media Management offered by Cardiff University and MBA Media Leadership taught by University of Cumbria. Cumbria’s Media Leadership MBA provides all the knowledge and understanding required to analyze, direct and develop business operations in the modern media environment.

“I am honoured that University of Cumbria selected me as their pioneer student for this course. Having worked in media and marketing for over twenty years I can honestly state that the MBA Media Leadership is the gold standard for senior media professionals, particularly those at the cutting edge of digital media,” said Manish.

Dr Raye Ng, Principal Lecturer, specializing in international business, University of Cumbria Business School, told the Asian Weekly, “Manish is the first to graduate from our MBA Media Leadership program. He was an excellent student, participant, practitioner and contributor to this program and graduated with a Distinction.”

Manish’s career highlights include, amongst others: Redesigning several regional newspapers into popular tabloid formats which were subsequently purchased by Trinity Mirror Group; helping Sunrise Radio become the UKs most popular independent Asian radio station; launching the NHS Directory in print and online formats; producing The Way Forward, a series of films featuring business advice from high-profile entrepreneurs and business gurus for the Institute of Directors; and creating ground-breaking commercials in various media formats for BT Business, Lloyds TSB, Procter and Gamble among many other household names.

Several media and marketing professionals who have worked with Manish over the years have been praising his many talents on the LinkedIn social media platform. James Alexander of Choice Brands said, “I worked with Manish on the marketing of the NHS Directory, print and online, and he proved to have excellent PR skills. The promotional artwork and press campaigns formulated by Manish led to the success of the publication.”

Bob Bisell, former National Partnerships Manager, British Telecom, said, “BT contracted Manish to work on a major media project and both during the development and execution stage, Manish was a pleasure to work with. He is extremely professional and listens carefully to deliver a quality result. The outcome was a quality commercial that was screened many times over.”

Neil Lamont, Senior Marketing Manager at Springer Healthcare, commented, “He has a fantastic creative flare and is the catalyst for many new product offerings. Manish has boundless energy and drive which alongside his deep knowledge is reflected in the success he brings to all the projects he works on.”

Manish is particularly proud of the work he has done on behalf of NHS employees which includes launching the first ever national NHS Employee of the Year award in association with Renault UK. As a result, of this awards ceremony screened on national television, most NHS trusts now hold events to honour their hard-working staff.

BBC presenter, Georgina Burnett, who hosted the NHS Employee of the Year event, said, “Manish is a great motivator and ‘people person’. He is very passionate about everything he does and I have enjoyed working with him over many years.”

Another NHS communications related project was the production of a four-part documentary series made as part of the NHS 60 years’ birthday celebrations in which Manish interviewed former secretaries of state for health Patricia Hewitt, Frank Dobson and Alan Milburn. In-coming health secretary Andrew Lansley was also interviewed.

Reminiscing about his first marketing project, Manish says, “I was tasked with publicising the first ever performance of Indian classical music in the houses of parliament. I worked closely with the late Ravi Shankar (pictured with Manish, right) who was the chief performer at the event and it went like a dream.

“Of course, Ravi Shankar was already a household name through his friendship with The Beatles but that was many years earlier. His performance in parliament brought him back into the mainstream.

“I’m sure Ravi, if he were alive, would be happy knowing he played a role in my achievement of becoming the first person to be awarded the Media Leadership MBA. However, I’d most like to dedicate my achievement to my mother and father, who always encouraged me to excel.”

Reflecting on Manish’s achievement, Tony Randall, Senior Lecturer in Media and Journalism, University of Cumbria, said, “We had a fantastic cohort of MBA students but one of them in particular, Manish Patel, ended up being the first ever to graduate with an MBA in Media Leadership. We are all very proud of him.

“I was lucky enough to attend his graduation and watch him receive his award. It is a tremendous achievement.”

“It was a great delight to have Manish on the MBA and we are now privileged to have him as our alumni at University of Cumbria,” commented Dr Raye Ng, Principal Lecturer, University of Cumbria Business School.

Manish currently serves as chief marketing officer for a leading business intelligence firm in the City of London.

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